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Surprisingly affordable.  Our basic service fee is $225.00 for one wine host and 2 hours continuous wine service.   Includes 20 wine glasses, additional glasses are $1.00 per glass.  One wine host required per 20 guests or portion thereof.   Additional wine hosts @ $75.00 per hour, min 2 hours.  

This is how our service works.  If you are purchasing he wine from us, you tell us what type of event you are having, the type, style, region, vintage of wine you want, and what your budget is.  Based on these criteria, we will offer a selection of wines for your event.  If the wines are to be paired with food, we will work with you, and/or your chef or caterer to pair them perfectly.  If providing your own wines, send us your list of choice and we will do the same.  

Reserving and cancellation policy.   We require a deposit of $200.00 30 days prior with balance due 7 calendar days before event.  Full refund for cancellation up to 7 calendar days prior to tasting.  Wines supplied for event are purchased and delivered prior to event from affiliate wine merchant to client and are non-refundable, and remain the property of client.  The complete terms and details of our service, and legal disclaimer.

wine tasting

Location, location, location...

We will work with you to set up your tasting in any location you desire.  We can set up for a casual outdoor event, or a more formal indoor one.    


Champagne & Oysters

For some the ultimate in extravagance!  Lets get your event started with Champagne & Oysters.

wine tasting

Tasting notes

 If your event is all about the nuances of the wines, and you want to do some serious evaluations, wine tasting note cards are always avaliable as part of our service.