Our services

Our professional wine host will arrive at your location approximately 30 min prior to wine service to set up glasses, open and decant wines as necessary.  Our standard 2 hour continuous wine service can be either a stand alone tasting, or be arraigned for before, during, or after a meal, or it can overlap and cover pre- meal into meal service, or meal service to after dinner service.  The service is totally flexible.  Add hours to cover the entire evening if desired.   Our host will be as involved, or passive as dictated by the design of the event.  The interactive nature of our tastings is what makes them amazingly fun and unique.  At the conclusion of the event, our wine host will gather and remove all equipment.

Birth year, Anniversary, Special year?  This is one of our specialty's!  We are able to provide a selection of wines from that special time or occasion in your life.  Turning 50?  Great, lets taste the 1966 Vintage Ports to celebrate!  Honeymooned in the south of France... then wines from Chateauneuf du Pape will hit the spot.  We have unlimited versatility in types, vintages, and regions of wine we serve.  So give us your special date!

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Private Chefs & Catering

We work with many of the top chefs and caterers in the area, and can offer wine and food pairings from casual wine and appetizer, to an elegant formal sit down multi-course meal.  We offer wine pairings for any cuisine.

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Stemware & Decanters

We use fine 100% lead free crystal glassware and decanters for our wine service.  Stolzle, Riedel, and Spiegelau are some of our preferred glass suppliers.  For decanting service, Riedel decanters, silver funnels, wire mesh screens and bleach free paper filters are used when needed.

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Birth year, Anniversary, Special year!

Sure to be a hit!  Our birth year, anniversary, and any special year, type or region wine request is our specialty.  30, 40,  or 50+ year old vintages are no problem!  We can provide practically any vintage, from any region in the world for your special wine needs.